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NETSOL Technologies

NETSOL Technologies is the world’s foremost financial technology services company. With over 1500 of the industry’s most skilled employees, more than 200 satisfied clients across 30 countries and offices in all major regions of the world, NETSOL has become a definitive authority within the global asset finance and leasing industry. NETSOL is dedicated to developing and providing superior IT solutions that are highly customizable to cater to the unique needs of the auto finance and leasing industry. NETSOL caters to a wide array of industries: be it auto finance, equipment finance, big ticket or wholesale finance to name a few. Our international business expertise, proven past performance and cost-effective solutions enable us to help any business at any level.



Shanghai Shiyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shiyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with the brand "TianYi-tech", is one of the first companies that engaged in auto GPS location services field. Currently, TianYi-tech has become one of the three major auto GPS operators after nearly ten years of development. And providing a scientific risk control service system to automotive finance industry based on the GPS hardware, LBS platform, insurance and loan data services business.TianYi-tech is also specified as an auto financial risk control service providers by a number of auto finance companies, banks and finance leasing companies because of the rich industry experience in the auto financial data economic construction, post-loan risk controlling, GPS vehicle location services and other fields.



Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd

Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd(BJCA, Stock code: 300579) is the industry-leading position in network trust and digital security service provider. It is the first listed company in the field of certificate authority. Since established in 2001, BJCA has always been committed to the construction of Cyberspace Security and Trust system, ensuring safety of user digital asset, credible development of business and reliable operation of information system. Businesses of BJCA have been provided to Government, Finance, Health, Education, Transportation, Enterprise and other marketing fields. BJCA’s market share has been at the leading position in the certificate authority. Additionally, BJCA’s electronic signature ensures its competitive advantage in market of implementation field.



China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA)

of security authentication founded by the People’s Bank of China and approved by the State Information Security Administration. It is a critical national infrastructure of financial information security.
CFCA has been committing to build a full range of networking trust system since the year of 2000. Through a development over a decade, CFCA has become the largest electronic certification service provider in China. Since the strategic transformation commenced in 2009, CFCA has gradually developed from a single electronic certification service to an integrated information security service provider. CFCA’s business consists of seven segments, namely, Electronic authentication services, Internet security payments, Information security products, Information security services, Big data services, Internet media and Software evaluation.




佰仟融資租賃有限公司,總部位于深圳。目前,已在全國31個省份開展了汽車金融業務,公司深化汽車金融領域多元化發展,并進一步拓展相關業 務領域,為客戶提供綜合性的汽車金融解決方案。公司資金雄厚,其成熟的風險控制體系、快速的審批放款速度堪稱行業標桿,領先于汽車金融領 域的同行;同時,面對汽車金融市場的變化能夠快速做出反應,并與太平洋汽車、德邦物流及58同城等優質平臺展開合作。
佰仟融資租賃用專業貼心的服務和豐富靈活的產品滿足主機廠、經銷商、企業及個人客戶日益增長的分期購車需求,致力于為企事業單位和個人消 費者提供融資租賃產品和方便快捷的汽車金融服務。




Electronic data preservation center of easy preservation was established in 2014, which is an electronic data preservation institution with mature application of block chain technology and recognized by judicial organs. Easy preservation combined with independent patent for invention, the notarization, judicial authentication center, the arbitration commission, the copyright protection center, electronic data security such as common chain into blocks, building security chain open platform, based on the introduced a "judicial + + application block chain" mode of innovation, has launched the "block chain + judicial + electronic data access card", "block chain + judicial + electronic contract", "block chain + judicial + intelligent voice", "block chain + Internet legal services" "block chain + justice and the protection of intellectual property rights", such as ground application scenario, create brand the gentleman in the field of electronic contract signing, Xiaoyi robot in the field of intelligent voice, arbitrator bao in the field of judicial service and micro copyright in the field of intellectual property protection.




Fadada, a domestic leading 3rd-party e-contract platform, provides e-contract, e-signature and digital evidence preservation services as well as value-added services like judicial expertise and legal consultancy for various industries including finance, real estate, automotive industry, human resources management, education, insurance, 3rd-party payment, tourism, medical care, logistics, supply chain, B2B, B2C online businesses, and government institutions.



Cango Inc.

Cango Inc. (NYSE: CANG) is a leading automotive transaction service platform in China connecting dealers, financial institutions, car buyers, and other industry participants. Founded in 2010 by a group of pioneers in China’s automotive finance industry, the Company is headquartered in Shanghai and has a nationwide network. The Company’s services primarily consist of automotive financing facilitation, automotive transaction facilitation, and after-market services facilitation. By utilizing its competitive advantages in technology, data insights, and cloud-based infrastructure, Cango is able to connect its platform participants while bringing them a premium user experience. Cango’s platform model puts it in a unique position to add value for its platform participants and business partners as the mobility market in China continues to grow and evolve.



Shenzhen Lan-you Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Lan-you Technology Co., Ltd. founded in April 2002 is an enterprise specializing in information services across the automotive , and offering overall IT solutions, information products, system operation and maintenance, cloud service,big data service,Connected Car Service,R&D of smart on-board device and automotive design service, etc.
Shenzhen Lan-you Technology Co., Ltd. persists in sound operation and continuous innovation, and provides competitive products, solutions and services. At present, we have 1,700 employees, and branches in Guangzhou and Hubei. Lan-you Technology is a key software and high-tech companies under the national planning, possessing qualifications of integrated information, safety information service resources and information safety ISO 27001 and QC ISO 9001. And we have 106 patents for invention and 52 software copyrights.


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